Hello to All!!!!
I have decided at this point to release the Ouisi Cook Book digitally. The design obstacles and cost factor would limit how I envisioned the project. I have created it myself and I`m pleasantly surprised with the final product.
I have set up an email for e-transfers to the Ouisi account. Then I will email you a copy of the book. Please include your email address in the message box. Thanks.
The price is $15.75.
If in the future I do print an actual book, I will put that digital sale towards the purchase of the actual book. Charging only $10.50 for a copy.


The email for the e-transfer is darcy.fry@ouisibistro.com This is an automatic transfer and no password will be needed.


When it has downloaded, open on the full screen and use your arrows to navigate or scroll thru however your device requires. I recommend opening in full screen to fully appreciate the photos.


I hope you enjoy the memories, the pictures and the recipes. For more images from the cook book go the Facebook page of Darcy Fry or Ouisi Bistro.


If there are any problems, I can be reached at the above email or at bigdaddyfry@shaw.ca.


Thank you in advance for your consideration.